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SAIDE is a grass root CBO with its activities drawn from and directed to the community level. With the conviction that empowered communities are the driving force behind the successful and sustainable development and the realization of Kenya’s Vision 2030, the central focus of SAIDE is to build the capacity of the community; ensuring their empowerment in skills, knowledge and awareness so as to create better livelihood through community initiatives.


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At SAIDE, you don't have to give money to support a cause we encourage the participation of volunteers who support our mission.

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Works towards promoting education in the community.

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Saide Community Library

Saide Community Library was opened on 27th February 2012, is an initiative of the youth segment of Saide CBO. Our mission is to instill a reading culture and improve the academic performance of the students in Sabatia Constituency. Our library focuses mainly on reading materials for primary and secondary students. Our collections include: storybooks, curriculum books and past examination papers. We also have novels; materials on HIV/AIDS, farming, gender issues and magazines for the more mature community members. We get our collections through donations from members, community members and other well wishers.


Saide Mobile Library

Since the beginning of March 2011, Saide Community Library has been carrying out mobile library services in primary schools within Sabatia Constituency to cater for students who are not able to access our library. The students have been enthusiastically participating by borrowing books and past examination papers. The response had been very positive with even the lower classes asking for story and curriculum books for their level.


Saide Mentoring

SAIDE carries out Motivational and Mentoring sessions in schools within Sabatia Constituency to encourage the students to explore their talents, improve their academic performance, confidence building and transitioning to further education or the workforce.


Saide Environment

SAIDE members plant trees in member compounds throughout the month of April in line with the National Tree Planting period. The members are also involved in horticultural farming with the produce being sold in the local market.


Saide Counseling services

SAIDE has a Professional Counselor who offers counseling sessions to all individuals irrespective of their age or gender. Some of the Counseling topics we tackle are: Marriage, Emotional, Grief, Relationship, Suicide Intervention and Career. The sessions are not charged, however, one should first book with the office. Counseling sessions only happen on Saturday and Sunday but bookings are throughout the week.

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SAIDE is a Community Based Organization that aims at initiating and implementing initiatives to socially and economically empower the community members.




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We are located at Chavakali, Eregi Junction, Kakamega- Kisumu High Way Chavakali KE

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