The mention of SAIDE to me wakes up my scholarly instincts. It is here that students and teachers from Chavakali meet to quench their intellectual thirst; in a bid to be updated with the current trends, get resourceful information and to those who love fiction novels SAIDE has been home away from home. SAIDE is indeed the heart of the growing urban town of Chavakali.

Volunteering at SAIDE was a big opportunity that I will always appreciate. First, I enjoyed cataloging books and putting them online in the Library world. This digitized the borrowing of books, all library users need was to register once in the system to access the books available. The digital borrowing of books helped keep track of books yet to be returned and the most frequently borrowed. We no longer needed the details of the person borrowing books each time he borrows a book.

One of the most important programs that enjoyed while at SAIDE was the one-hour reading culture spearheaded by Kelvin Guma. In this program, we visited various primary schools in the morning and evening armed with storybooks for grade three where we distributed them to pupils to read. The reading is usually loud as a whole class and sometimes as an individual. The primary goal of this program is to inculcate a reading culture among the pupils. The program has helped increase literacy levels among the students. It is always an amazing experience and fulfilling to see pupils enjoy the storybooks and being able to comprehend the messages in them. This program is useful in many ways because the pupils who did not know how to read were identified and necessary intervention is done to keep them at par with the others. This is a program that I wish to be extended to more schools but resources and time are the main factors hindering its implementation.

SAIDE is not just like any other library where pupils, students, and scholars come to utilize the books available and leave. In the evening, you cannot fail to notice both adults and children excited after reading now playing scrabble, monopoly, or chess. In fact, it is at SAIDE that I learned to play scrabble and went on to become one of the best players on the team. I spearheaded the initiative of training the young pupils on how to play chess. The eagerness to play the game could be seen among the children as they marveled at how the pieces move as most thought the game is similar to checkers. As a member of the SAIDE chess club, we participated in the Maseno University Tournament where we emerged first runners-up. These games have contributed to the increased number of young learners at the library.

The most fulfilling thing about being a Volunteer at SAIDE is returning the books to the shelves n the evening, especially the children's section. It makes me feels that knowledge in those books has been utilized and someone benefitted from SAIDE. It gives me joy because education plays a major role in the development of our country. Special thanks to Kelvin Guma the program coordinator at SAIDE. A selfless individual armed with a passion for transforming the community through the library. I cannot remember the many times when he has had to dig in his pocket to finance library activities.